Newman Cinnamon Capsules

Newman Cinnamon Capsules Newman_Cinnamon_Capsules

Newman Cinnamon Capsules
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Product Description

Two of the most widely used natural herbs, Black Seed powder & Cinnamon powder are combined to help maintain healthy blood glucose and cholesterol levels. Pure Ceylon cinnamon or “True cinnamon” is rich with antioxidants. Black seed is another source of natural antioxidant which helps improve natural immunity. The combination helps protection against common infectious diseases and improves well being.


For Adults, 2 Capsules daily after meals or as recommended by a healthcare professional. Not recommended for children under 12 years. Do not take if you are pregnant except on professional medical advice.


It is Recommended to:

  • help maintain healthy blood glucose and cholesterol levels.
  • Helps harmonize the blood circulation.
  • Helps to ease cold and cough.
  • Improve natural immunity.

Contra Indications:

During pregnancy Cinnamon plus should not be used without a Physician’s advice.

Active Ingredient:

Each 350 mg capsule contains Black seed powder  & Cinnamon powder.

Side Effects / Adverse Reactions:

There are no known adverse effects. Black Seeds & Cinnamon are used in our daily food & it is an ingredient in more than 70% of the Ayurvedic Preparations.

If one feels Newman Cinnamon plus Capsules are too heaty for their body or if the patient has a history of gastritis, they should reduce the dosage and use it less frequently.

Storing Instructions:

Store below 25 oC. Keep container tightly closed. See pack for expiry life.


Available in 30, 60 capsules packs. Only 60 capsule pack is available in the local market.