Newman Garlichol

Newman Garlichol Garlichol

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Black Seed Oil In Garlic Oil Soft Gel

  • Helps To Regulate Blood Cholesterol Naturally
  • Helps To Enhance The Body's Defense Mechanism
  • Speeds Up The Natural Healing Process

Product Description

Two of the most highly recommended Herbs for the control of blood Cholesterol level are being used in combination to give the best effect. Black Seed & Garlic has been proven to reduce Cholesterol in addition to its use in many other ailments.

A comparison of the Conventional Garlic Oil capsules with Newman Garlic Oil Capsules

As a standard only 0.25% is added to the capsule i.e. less than 1mg of Garlic Oil is present in a 250 mg Garlic Oil Capsule.

Black Seed Oil is one of the most expensive cold pressed vegetable oils, it has been proven to have many medicinal properties with zero cholesterol. It has a very high percentage of unsaturated fats thereby becomes very suitable for the high Cholesterol patients.

Black seed oil is proven to increase body immunity, hence daily use of this oil is suggested as a health supplement. In addition Black Seed Oil has many properties such as: Antibacterial, Antitumor, Antitoxic, Diuretic, Antihyperglycemic etc.

Hence the combination of Black Seed Oil & Garlic Oil not only gives the best effect in the reduction of Cholesterol but also enhances the Body’s defence mechanism thereby activates the natural healing process.


Adults : 1 Capsules a day in the morning after meals or as prescribed by the physician.


Available in 60 capsules per bottle.

Storing Instructions

Store below 25oC. Keep container tightly closed, See pack for expiry life.


  • Hyper Cholesteroleamia.
  • Other symptoms, as per your physician’s advice.

It is also recommended as a Supplement in addition to its capability to resist diseases.

Contra Indications

During pregnancy Newman Garlic Capsules should not be used without a Physician’s advice.

Active Ingredient

Each 500mg capsule contains Garlic Oil 0.25% w/w in Black Seed Oil.

Cholestorolemic patients should follow the instructions below

If you are presently using Allopathic treatment, do not discontinue unless otherwise advised by your physician. You can use NEWMAN Garlic Oil capsules while using the above treatment. With the continuous use of Newman Garlic Oil capsules you can gradually reduce other treatments for High Cholesterol.

Side Effects / Adverse Reactions:

There are no known adverse effects. Black Seeds & Garlic are used in our daily food & it is an ingredient in more than 70% of the Ayurvedic Preparations. If one feels Newman Garlic Oil Capsules is too heaty for their body or if the patient has a history of gastritis, they should use it less frequently.