Newman Junior

Newman Junior Junior

£ 12.50 each

Black Seed Oil Soft Gel Capsule

  • Recommended For Growing Children
  • Used As a Supplement for Good Health & Vitality
  • Enhances General Health

Product Description

Newman Junior Soft Gel is a suitable daily supplement for good health and vitality for growing children. Its daily use strengthens the body’s immune system and enhances general health.

Black Seed is one of the few plants that have attracted the attention of so many scientists around the world. Chemical analysis of its constituents has revealed a wide and diverse variety of chemical constituents such as, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Essential Oils, Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins, etc. Nigella Sativa L, (Black Seed) has a history of use for 2,500 years. This makes it one of the safest plants for human consumption. Black Seed a revered herb for over thousands of years has been used by many civilizations for its curative and protective healthcare properties.

Black seed contains over 100 biological components along with vitamins and minerals such as Vit B complex, Vit C, Iron, Calcium and many more.

Black seed is a strong antioxidant thereby protects organs and tissues from harmful free radicals and toxins.

Active ingredients:

Each capsule contains: Nigella sativa seed oil (Black seed oil).

Direction for Use:

Children above 6 years.


Newman Junior is indicated for supportive nutritional supplementation in growing children.


One soft gel a day after breakfast.

Contra indications:

Newman Junior is contraindicated in children who are sensitive to Black seed oil.

Side effects / Adverse:

No Adverse reactions reported.

Route of Administration:


Over dosage:

Consult your Physician.


Available in 60 Capsules per bottle.


Store below 25oC and away from moisture. When in doubt always consult a doctor about your symptoms.